ABOVE: Ficus satterthwaitei photographed by Jean-Yves Rasplus and Astrid Cruaud at Poring in the Kinabalu Park  on 4 March 2011.

Ficus satterthwaitei is locally common in the hills of Sabah and some islands in the  southern Philippines. In Borneo, F. satterthwaitei has never been recorded south of the Sabah border.

For another example of F.satterthwaitei also photographed at Poring see;

Ficus satterthwaitei: Poring

This fig can be confused with F. fistulosa, F. moderata,  and Ficus nota. For the differences see these articles;

F. satterthwaitei : Introduction

F. moderata: Introduction 


05 satterthwaitei (id as moderata) - 06.jpg
Note the prominent, heavy, fleshy, bracts around the ostiole and occasionally on the side of the fig. This is the most important feature that distinguishes F. satterthwaitei from other similar figs.06 satterthwaitei (id as moderata) - 07.jpg

08 satterthwaitei (id as moderata) - 10.jpg

09 satterthwaitei (id as moderata) - 11.jpg

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The Poring Hot Springs have become very popular as a local waterpark in recent years. However there is still plenty of interesting forest surrounding the springs.
Form the Poring Canopy Walkway you can view the swidden farms adjacent to the protected forest inside the borders of Kinabalu Park.
Poring lies in the shadow of the eastern shoulder of Kinabalu.

Kinabalu Park - Copy.jpg