ABOVE: Ficus francisci, nr Long bee trail to Usun Apau, Ulu Baram, N. Sarawak

Photos by Rhett Harrison and Jean-Yves Rasplus taken on  20 August 2004 at  2.863646 114.813877.

Note the ripe figs which have been gnawed by  forest rats at the base of the tree indicating that these  are female figs containing seeds.

For the distinctions between F. francisci and  the closely related Ficus cereicarpa see this link ;

Ficus francisci and Ficus cereicarpa compared  

cereicarpa - 36

02 francisci - 37.jpg

cereicarpa - 37

north Sarawak Map.jpg

Google Maps: Usun Apau, Ulu Baram, northern Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo