A Bornean Sun Bear high up in a forest tree at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre   (BSBCC) at Sepilok in Sabah. The BSBCC was founded in 2008 by Wong Siew Te, a Malaysian Sun Bear researcher  who spent two years radio tracking Sun Bears at Danum Valley based at the Danum Valley Field Centre.

Wong et al (2002) Food habits of Malayan Sun bears in lowland forests of Borneo

Wong’s research showed that figs form an important staple food for Bornean Sun Bears. Sun Bears forage for fallen figs on the ground and also climb fruiting fig trees to feed in the canopy.

01 Minahassae P3377A
This specimen of Ficus minahassae was collected from Sun bear feeding sites  located by Wong Siew Te and his assistants  in the forest surrounding the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah. All fig photos credit to Wong Siew Te
02 Ficus minhassae P3377F.jpg
Only one collection of Ficus minahassae  was made. This came  from the Rafflesia Trail at Danum Valley DVFC. Ficus minahassae is obviously rare at Danum because other species of figs  such as Ficus treubii were collected numerous times from Sun Bear foraging sites .

03 P3377A.jpg

04 Sun Bear 3P7A6935.JPG
Wong Siew Te  with visitors to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok in Sabah
01  Sunbear at Sunbear Centre 3P7A6932.JPG
Bornean Sun Bears are omnivorous  feeding on the ground on fallen fruit, grubs and worms.
05 Sunbear 3P7A6868.JPG
Sun Bears also climb high into the canopy to feed on all species of figs and other fruiting trees especially Lithocarpus acorns.


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