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SARAWAK FIG Ficus sarawakensis  Corner (1972)      SECTION: KALOSYCE

Latin: From Sarawak- the type specimen.

Plant: A rare Borneo endemic root climber with only one record from the Batu Tibang on the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan.

Leaf: Distinctive narrow (lanceolate) leaves 9-15cm long x 2.5-4 wide.

Sex: Dioecious.

Fig fruits : The medium size figs 2-3cm have stipes (extensions of the fruit into a stalk)  up to 1.2cm long. Figs ripen yellow brown.

Similar species: Ficus tulipifera which has similar lanceolate leaves.

Distinguish: From .F. tulipifera by the narrower leaf with sunken lateral veins on the upper surface of the leaf giving a corrugated appearance.

Distribution: Has only been collected once by J.A.R. Anderson on a forested ridge on Bukit Batu Tiban at 1,300 feet  (400m ) on the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.

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