Berg (2005) Ficus diandra.jpgMATANG FIG Ficus diandra  Corner (1962)  SECTION: KALOSYCE

Latin: Two stamens (twin stamens) Note: The majority of male fig flowers in Sub-section Kissocycea have single stamens.

Habit: A very rare, endemic root climber up tree trunks. The only records are from the Kuching area.

Leaf: Oblong 4-9cm long x 1.5-4 cm wide.

Sex: Dioecious.

Fig: The small figs (1.5cm) grow individually in the leaf axils or on short woody spurs on a short peduncle up to 0.4cm long. Figs ripen green to yellow to orange to red.

Similar Species: Ficus disticha which is common and also has twin stamens in the male fig fruit.

Distinguish:  Differs from Ficus disticha  by the different shaped leaf with a pointed  (acute) tip and an asymmetric  leaf base.  The fig is typically marbled with spots similar to Ficus apiocarpa whilst the fig fruits of F. disticha are plain.

Distribution: There are only two records. Both records are from the vicinity of Kuching, Sarawak where it appears to be rare. (1) Mile 11 Matang Road, and (2) Gunung Berloban  (a limestone outcrop) at Km 10, Tebedu Road.

Gng Berloban, Kuching

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Berg (2005) Ficus diandra.jpg
Berg (2005)

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