ABOVE: Island (Common) Palm Civet Paradoxurus philippinensis feeding on ripe Ficus racemosa fig fruits on a tree next to the  Tabin river ford at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Chin. 

01 William Wong Tabin 500_1641.JPG

The Tabin river ford. The trees with  upright white branches  growing next to the river on both sides of the ford are all Ficus racemosa fig trees. Photo William Wong.

02 500_1643.JPG
Ficus racemosa stipule. Photo William Wong


Ficus racemosa  photo Anthea Phillipps

Ficus racemosa by bridge. Tabin. May 2018 AP (831).JPG
Ficus racemosa leaf by Anthea Phillipps
03 500_1861-p.jpg
Unripe Ficus racemosa fig fruit at Tabin river ford by William Wong