ABOVE: A male Ficus parietalis fig  with branches of colourful fruit overhanging the water along the bank of the Sg Resang a tributary of the Kinabatangan River in Sabah. You can tell that this fig plant is male because male fruit are larger than female fruit and  ripen yellow instead of red.

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05 LT Macaque mama+baby crossing 3P7A8072.JPG
This  “single rope bridge” was built  by Hutan (an orangutan conservation organization) across the Sungei Resang. The bridge allows primates to cross the river to prevent them being isolated by  the development of nearby oil palm plantations.
Lesser Fish Eagle 3P7A8419.JPG
Lesser Fish Eagle  Ichthyophaga humilis. Three different species of large fish eagle  are all common along the Kinabatangan  River indicating an abundance of fish. The main reason that fish are so common is the abundance of figs  especially Ficus racemosa that drop ripe figs into the water.

Watching elephants Kinabtangan 3P7A7173.JPG

The abundance of wildlife attracts numerous tourists,  here watching  a herd of elephants  on the banks of the Kinabatangan.

Mama elephant face on 3P7A7382.JPG