ABOVE: The red circle shows a Ficus crassiramea strangler established on the first fork of a Binuang Octomeles sumatrana  tree growing next to the Tabin  (Lipad) river bridge at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah.  Photo by Quentin Phillips taken in October 2010.

01 Anthea Crassiramea on binuang Ficus on other side of bridge. Tabin. May 2018 AP (569).JPG
The same two trees as above but photographed by Anthea Phillipps in September 2018, eight years after the first photo. The Ficus crassiramea  looks much larger  and has smothered the lower half of the Binuang crown.
04 500_1677 Strangler across bridge in tree on right.JPG
The Ficus crassiramea  strangling a Binuang tree at Tabin. 2018 photo by William Wong
03 500_1681 Strangler across brdge in tree on right.JPG
2018 photo by William Wong
02 500_1681 Strangler across brdge in tree on right - Copy
2018 photo by William Wong
Tabin Wildlife Reserve is surrounded by oil palm estates
That is a major reason why Tabin is very rich in wildlife including……..
PT Macaqque CMB_0867.jpg
Pig-tailed Macaques and
Tony Lamb Scan-007.jpg
Leopard Cats both of which live in the forest but enter the oil palm to catch rats. Photo Tony Lamb