ABOVE: Ficus subcordata ripe figs and Ficus crassiramea leaf collected from the ground at the same location behind the ridge at the back of the Ulu Ulu Resort.

This ridge can be accessed on the Waterfall trail at the Ulu Ulu Resort Brunei. This 2 hour trail runs from the ridge top behind the Ulu Ulu Resort down to the waterfall stream lower down the Temburong River from where you have to be collected by boat to return to the resort.

Crassiramea Ulu 2 IMG_1987
Ficus crassiramea leaf. Note (1) The blackish stain at the junction of the petiole (leaf stalk)  and lamina (leaf blade). This is the waxy gland which is found on all Section Conosycea fig leaves. (2) The very clear “Y ” formation of the basal veins and the midrip of the leaf. This is characteristic of  both Ficus crassiramea and the closely related Ficus stupenda.