ABOVE: Ficus kochummeniana growing along the coast at Santubong near Kuching. The ripe fig fruits look very similar to Ficus spathuliifolia but the leaves with sunken side veins and a prominent drip tip indicate that this can only be Ficus kochummeniana.

01 Ficus kochummeniana at Permai

The blue mountain in the background is Gunung Santubong  (810 m asl)  seen from Kuching.  Santubong is a forested peninsula  that juts out into the south China sea about an hours drive from Kuching.   Due to moisture laden  winds from the sea which are forced upwards as they approach the mountain the water condenses and forms an almost permanent smoky  cloud cap at the top of Gunung Santubong.
Santubong Peninsula IMG_3331.JPG
The Santubong Peninsula viewed from Damai beach
Damai beach IMG_3330.JPG
Damai Beach Resort at Santubong
03 IMG_1961
Due to an almost permanent “vortex” or mini cyclone which sits just off the SW Borneo coast during the Musim landas (wet season between November to April)  Santubong and Bako hold some of the highest rainfall records in Borneo with an average of over 4m per annum.