Fruiting Ficus microcarpa at Dalit Golf Course, Tuaran next to the road to the Rasa Ria Resort. Note that this individual fig tree is an ornamental dwarf variety probably originating in Taiwan.  The Ficus microcarpa native to Borneo would be a lot larger with many more hanging roots .

01 Ficus microcarpa IMG_0196

02 IMG_0199.JPG
Note the two “banyan” supporting roots typical of Ficus microcarpa. Anthea Phillipps to show the scale.
05 IMG_0228.JPG
These fig fruits are unripe. The figs ripen green to white to pink to purple.
04 IMG_0211.JPG
Ornamental Taiwanese Ficus microcarpa are commonly grown in Borneo for landscaping and bonsai. The leaves tend to be darker and thicker than the local Ficus microcarpa subspecies..