Immature male Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker Prionochilus xanthopygius feeding on ripe Ficus binnendijki figs at the Belalong Canopy Walkway in September 2018.

Photo by Hans Hazebroek

305 Prionochilus flowerpeckers.jpg

The plate above by Karen Phillipps shows the  7 species of Prinochilus flowerpeckers found in Borneo including a pair of  Yellow-rumped Flowerpeckers  (middle right) . The Prionochilus flowerpeckers have thick strong bills suitable for chopping up ripe figs as their gape (mouth) is too small to swallow ripe figs whole.

Dicaeum flowerpeckers v3 .jpg
There are also six  species of Dicaeum flowerpeckers found in Borneo. Compared to the 7 species of Prionochlus flowerpeckers,  Dicaeum flowerpeckers have thinner weaker bills  and tubular tongues more suitable for catching insects  and  sucking up nectar.

Whilst there are many observations of Prionochilus spp. flowerpeckers eating figs there are very few  of Dicaeum  spp. flowerpeckers eating figs.