Ficus rubromidotis is a locally common epiphyte or lithophyte (rock loving)  fig in the wet understorey of virgin forest in Sarawak and Brunei but it is absent from the rest of Borneo.

All photos by Arlene Walshe taken next  at the Wasai Berjanggut (Bearded Waterfall) , Sungai Perdyan, Bukit Patoi, Temburong, Brunei.

04 Ficus rubromidotis C7A0110 - Copy
Ficus rubromidotis can be distinguished from the very similar Ficus midotis which is much more common throughout Borneo by the prominent (raised) midrib and side veins as shown in the photos above and below.

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0110 - Copy.JPG

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03  Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0040.JPG

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0040.JPG

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0123.JPG

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0126.JPG

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A9960.JPG
Note the small auricle or “ear”  at the base of some of the leaves. This is a common feature in many Section Sycidium figs.

Ficus rubromidotis 0C7A0117 - .JPG

01 Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A9965
Wasai Berjanggut at Bukit Patoi, Temburong, Brunei
Bukit Patoi Map
Trail map for Bukit Patoi and Bukit Perdayan in Temburong, Brunei . This public park is only 20 minutes drive from Bangar town. Allow a full day  for the  steep return walk from A to B if you want to enjoy the forest !

Temburong, Brunei MAP