SABAH FIG Ficus sabahana  Kochummen (1998  Section: Rhizocladus

Latin: from Sabah.

Habit: A root climbing liana closely related to Ficus recurva and probably con-specific.

Leaf: As with other Section Rhizocladus root climbing figs, most often encountered in the juvenile phase with the lower bathyphyll (juvenile phase) leaves pressed against a trunk. The acrophyll leaves measure 12-21cm by 6-10.5cm wide and have 4-5 side veins. The leaf has a rough sandpaper feel (scabridulous) below.

Fig: The small hairy figs (0.7 -0.1 cm) ripen reddish and grow on woody spurs up to 0.5 cm long.

Similar species: F.recurva.

Distinguish: According to Berg (2005) (1) The sandpaper surface of the lower leaf. (2) The figs growing on short spurs.

Distribution: Leiden Herbarium has only 3 Borneo collections, one from Nabawan in Central Sabah, another from primary forest near Lahad Datu and a third from Brunei along the trail to the Wong Kadir waterfall, Belait.


Ficus sabahana Berg

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