Ficus grandiflora is a very rare  Borneo endemic  root climbing  liana  in Section Kissocycea most commonly found in  very wet hill forest throughout Borneo.   Notice the large variations in the size and shape of the leaves, typical of the root climbing figs. The individual illustrated in this article was growing in remnant hill forest next to the main Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan Road that crosses the northern end of the Crocker Range at c. 1,000m.  All photos by Quentin Phillipps taken on 8 March 2016. See also this article about the same subject photographed two years previously.

03 Ficus grandiflora 3P7A0067
Male Kissocycea figs typically have the whole inner surface of the fig covered in  male flowers (white stamens) as shown in this photograph.

01 Ficus grandiflora 3P7A0091.JPG

04 Ficus recurva+ arrows.JPG
The orange arrows on the right are pointing to  the balloon like gall flowers.  The transparent  gall flowers are empty.  The brown gall flowers contain the developing larvae of fig wasps  which  after emergence will collect pollen from the male anthers of the  male stamens  lining the interior of the fig. The black arrows on the right hand side are pointing to the white anthers of the male flowers.

02 Ficus grandiflora 3P7A9926.JPG

01 Ficus grandiflora 3P7A9928.JPG