Ficus megaleia 0C7A5419 - Copy
Ficus megaleia growing at Bukit Patoi near Bangar, Temburong, Brunei. A close look indicates that many of the leaves have been partially eaten by some folivorous insect. All photos taken by Arlene Walshe  in March 2019
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Many of leaves have suffered damaged similar to the leaf shown above.
06 Ficus megaleia 0C7A5561.JPG
Note that the thin bark covering the main vein has been almost stripped clear.

05 Ficus megaleia 0C7A5559.JPG

01 Ficus megaleia 0C7A5424
There were numerous black ants living in the hollow twigs. Note the  brown access slit in the twig in the photo above. But what are the ants feeding on ?
02 Ficus megleia 0C7A5437.JPG
Note the swollen petiole (leaf stalk)  used for housing (domatia) by the ants
Ficus megaleia 0C7A5429
The ants are tending a bizarre black caterpillar on the underside of the leaf. Presumably the ants are feeding on some product produced by the caterpillar.

Ficus megaleia 0C7A5429 - Copy