ABOVE: The type collection of Ficus gigantifolia from Burias Island in the central Philippines held in the Smithsonian Museum in the USA. In personal correspondence with the late C. C. Berg in 2012, Berg claimed that he had  found an example in Leiden herbarium of what he considered to be Ficus gigantifolia  collected in Kalimantan. This is the only evidence we have that this fig might occur in Borneo.

Berg (2005) Ficus gigantifolia
ABOVE Ficus gigantifolia from Berg’s (2005) treatment of Moraceae in Flora Malesiana. Ficus gigantifolia is not common in the Philippines but is very widespread and it is quite likely that this fig could occur in Borneo.

Ficus gigantifolia U1399677 Mindanao 1912 .jpg

Ficus gigantifolia  is currently considered endemic to the Philippines  where it has been recorded from  Luzon, Bohol, Samar and Mindanao. For photos  taken in the Philippines see the link below to the PhytoImages website.

Ficus giagantifolia leaf and fruit
Ficus gigantifolia Philippines