ABOVE: Ficus subgelderi fruits and leaves photographed at Bidanu Waterfall in Brunei. Note that the figs are  round more than oblong  and have a raised rim like a nipple around the ostiole.

02 Pellucido punctata Batang Duri 01 Arlene
Ficus pellucidopunctata fig fruits photographed at Sepilok (next to the pond under the RDC Canopy Walkway). Note that the figs are distinctly oblong and the ostiole is wide open. Note also that F. pellucidopunctata figs are pale in colour in comparison with F. subgelderi figs.
03 Ficus subgelderii 3P7A0553.JPG
Ficus subgelderi leaf photographed at the Belalong Canopy Walkway in Brunei. Note that all the leaf veins are clearly defined and that there are only four side veins plus the basal vein which reaches half the length of the leaf.
Ficus pellucidopunctata leaf photographed at Sepilok in Sabah. Note that all the side veins are poorly defined  including the basal veins. The basal veins are only c. 1/4 the length of the leaf.

Ficus subgelderi and Ficus pellucidopunctata are both common  CONOSYCEA  figs  that grow on other trees in the lowland forests of Borneo.  Both species produce aerial roots but rarely become full stranglers. As these 2 figs are frequently confused we list the differences below;

Species Fig ripens Basal veins length Side veins ALL veins stipule Ostiole
Pellucidopunctata White/yello w or pink/ yellow. Red  ostiole To ¼ leaf 6-12 pairs Not very distinct Short and hairy Open hole
Subgelderii Yellow-orange-red To 1/2 leaf 4-7 pairs distinct Short and hairy Small nipple