The Ficus barba-jovis liana is the patch of green leaves  closely pressed against the trunk high up on a tall Dipterocarp Shorea pauciflora. The liana appears to originate from an Asplenium nidus (Birds Nest Fern)  also growing on the same tree. This tree has been named locally as the Kabili Monster.

Ficus barba-jovis Kabili monster

Ficus barba-jovis 05 2019-07-25 15_12_35-Window.png

Ficus barba-jovis 06 .png

Ficxus barba-jovis Sepilok-Window.png

All photos taken from

Wild Fruits & Some Iconic Trees of RDC, Sepilok, Sabah   by Sabah Forest Department

Mass fruiting at the Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok, Sabah

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