Bottom section of an over-ripe male F. lepicarpa fig. The black hole in the middle is the ostiole or exit hole. Surrounding the ostiole are the  white male stamens with  paired pollen producing anthers. The holes in the gall flowers indicate that all the wasps have left.

02 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0491
The top section of the same  male fig. Note the empty gall flowers  from which the wasps have obviously left and the dead wasps at bottom right. The fig wall bottom right looks bruised  and this may be due to Non Pollinating Fig Wasp (NPFW) activity. NPFW  are parasites  on figs and fig wasps  and their activity may also account for the dead wasps.

01 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0491 - Copy.JPG

02 3Y3A0029.JPG
An over ripe male fig with an open ostiole from which the fig wasps have already exited. Note the scaly surface of the fig  hence the Latin name F. lepicarpa meaning “leperous fig”.
01 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0046
Many of the ripe male figs had a small neat hole cut out by a Plantain Squirrel Calliosciurus notatus presumably so that the squirrel could eat the fig wasps as they emerged. See this story about Ficus fulva male figs also being attacked by a squirrel to get at the emerging fig wasps

01 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0022.JPG

01 Ficus lepicarpa Y3A0027.JPG

02 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0472.JPG

01 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0469.JPG
There were two crops of figs on the same male tree. The over ripe male figs illustrated above and a cohort of  juvenile figs prior to wasp entry.
09 IMG_1103.JPG
Wasai Bedanu (Meriuk Farm Stay)  is a mixture of old growth forest and orchards about 40 minutes drive from Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. The small Ficus lepicarpa tree is in the middle of the photo.
09 IMG_1101.JPG
The Ficus lepicarpa tree was half smothered by a  Meremmia vine (Convolvulacea)  with large leaves. Meremmia   flowers are large and yellow so they are easy to recognize when they are flowering.
09 Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A0105.JPG
Ficus lepicarpa saplings growing next to a stream at Wasai Bedanu.
09 Jungle Dave IMG_1097.JPG
Jungle Dave is the local manger of Meriuk Farm Stay at Wasai Bedanu at Tutong in Brunei