Ficus glandulifera collected next to the trail from Base Camp to Police beach on Gaya Island on 6 September 2019. The leaves are very similar to the leaves of Ficus trichocarpa a common liana but this collection came from a forest tree. The black glands at the base of the leaf stalk (petiole) show that this fig can only be Ficus glandulifera.

All photos by Shuai Liao taken on 4 September 2019. Collection # 20190327.

02 Ficus glandulifera Pulau Gaya, beside trail of Police Beach●20190327★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8221
Ficus glandulifera, The orange arrows point to black glands at the base of the leaf stalk (petiole). These glands are distinctive for Ficus glandulifera. The purpose of these glands  is normally to attract and feed ants. The presence of these mercenary ants  deters herbivores from eating the leaves.

Trichocarpa 02  Pulau Gaya,  Police Beach●20190327★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8676.jpg


Trichocarpa 04  Pulau Gaya, Police Beach●20190327★Shuai LIAO-LSL_8679.jpg

Trichocarpa 01  Pulau Gaya,  Police Beach●20190327★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8675.jpg

Trichocarpa 03  Pulau Gaya, Police Beach●20190327★Shuai LIAO-LSL_8679.jpgTrichocarpa 05 Pulau Gaya, Police Beach●20190327★Shuai LIAO-LSL_8220.jpgTrichocarpa 06  Pulau Gaya Police Beach●20190327★Shuai LIAO-LSL_8221.jpg

Trichocarpa, Pulau Gaya,  trail of Police Beach● Shuai LIAO-LSL_8673.jpg

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