Ficus nervosa pubinervis rediscovered in the center of Ranau . This rare fig was discovered next to the Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan Road near the Liwagu river bridge  on 7 September 2019 by  Shuai LIAO and a team of botanists from the Sandakan Herbarium. Collection # 20190344 

The long hairy stipule distinguishes  F. nervosa from similar figs.

All photos by Shuai LIAO a PHD student based at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago,  researching the taxonomy of Section Conosycea  (strangler) figs. Borneo is  a world center of diversity for all figs including strangling figs.

06 Ficus Nervosa pubinervis Ranau, ●20190344★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8615.JPG

05 Ficus nervosa pubinervis  Ranau, beside KK-Sandakan Rd 20190344★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8614.JPG

10 Ficus nervosa pubinervis Ranau ●20190344★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8626

09 Ficus nervosa pubinervis Ranau ●20190344★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9225.JPG

03 Ficus nervosa pubinervis Ranau,●20190344★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_8608.JPG

01 Ficus nervosa - Ranau Google Maps.png

This is the Google Street view of the Ficus nervosa  discovered in Ranau, Sabah. Kinabalu is on the right (shrouded in clouds) so the tree is on the south side of the road not far from the Jalan Limbang Marakau roundabout on the main Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan Road (Section Jalan Tun Hussien Onn) in Ranau.

03 Ficus nervosa Ranau Google Maps.png