An aerial view of the luxury Borneo Rainforest Lodge situated on a bend of the Danum river in virgin forest in central Sabah. The Danum river reaches the sea via the Segama river on Sabah’s east coast.

The orange circle in the photo shows the location of a giant Ficus lawesii strangler  growing directly opposite the front entrance to the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Previously believed to be rare in Borneo F. lawesii has recently been recorded from several locations in Sabah including the Maliau Basin, Tabin and in the grounds of the Sukau Rainforest Lodge on the Kinabatangan river.

03 Ficus lawesii BRL front entrance strangler 111024

02 Ficus lawesii IMG_6194 BRL Main lodge - .JPG

Danum valley BRL.jpg