Ficus ribes photographed  next to the entrance road to the Mesilau Nature Resort, on Kinabalu. Note that this identification is provisional. An alternative ID is Ficus rubrosyce which is endemic to the mountains of Sumatra. Berg (2005) did not record Ficus ribes as present in Borneo, although it is locally common in Java, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.

All photographs by Shuai LIAO # Collection 20190369

05 Ficus stolonifera Mesilau●20190369★Shuai LIAO-LSL_9319

04 Ficus stolonifera Mesilau ●20190369★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9311


09 Ficus stolonifera  Mesilau●20190369★Shuai LIAO-LSL_9305.JPG11 Ficus stolonifera Mesilau ●20190369★Shuai LIAO-LSL_9307

06 Ficus stolonifera Mesilau ●20190369★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9328

07 Ficus stolonifera Mesilau ●20190369★Shuai LIAO-LSL_9322

08 Mesilau●20190369★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9304

Kinabalu Golfcouse at the entrance to Mesilau .JPGOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kinabalu Park.jpg