01 Ficus sundaica Form A Danau Girang 3P7A9305

Ficus sundaica Form A growing along the Kingfisher Trail at Danau Girang Field Centre.

Danau Girang Field Assistants Timothy Chang and Koko show the scale.

The photo shows  Fig # 17  of 33 large figs surveyed  on 27 December 2016. This fig is located on the Kingfisher Trail at GPS N.05.41267, E 118.03613 degrees.

All photographs by Quentin Phillipps taken on 27 December 2016.

04 Ficus sundaica Danau Girang 3P7A9450 (2)

05 Ficus sundaica Danau Girang 3P7A9452

3P7A9451 (2).JPG

The blue arrow  points to one of the  pair of prominent basal veins. These basal veins form the lower part of the looped intramarginal vein which runs around the edge of the leaf blade.  The orange arrow points to veins which are outside and external to the lower edge of the intramarginal loops. Note also that these external veins are rows of parallel lines which run horizontally not  sloped upright as with the basal veins inside the intramarginal loops.

Ficus sumatrana  stranglers are also common at Danau Girang but with Ficus sumatrana the  paired basal veins run inside (internally) within the looped intramarginal veins and do not form the lower loop of the intramarginal veins.

Danau Girang Trail Map