The unusual leaves of  a  juvenile sapling of F. diamantiphylla next to the  trail to the temple at Matang. These photos are believed to be the first photographic record of Ficus diamantiphylla  a very rare Borneo endemic fig so far known only from Sarawak and Brunei. See below for a  similar collection from Kapit.

Photos by Elliot Gardner taken on 17 February 2020. Collection # EG 2020 895. Part of a project entitled Ethnobotany and ethnotaxonomy of Moraceae in Sarawak supported by the National Parks Board of Singapore

Ficus sp sapling EG895 b - Copy

Ficus diamantiphylla:  The underside of the leaf  is covered with a dense felt of very short white hairs.

Ficus sp sapling EG895 a.JPG
Ficus diamantiphylla at Matang, Kuching 17 February 2020.
Ficus sp sapling EG895 a - Copy - Copy.JPG
Ficus diamantiphylla at Matang, Kuching 17 February 2020.

Marianne north Wild Palms and Matang LSW_RBGM_MN_CD6_576-001.jpg

View of Gunung Serapi (Matang) painted by Marianne North  (1876) whilst a guest of the Rajah of Sarawak James Brooke. Photo credit: The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Ficus sp EG873 same as 870 c.JPG
A probably example of  Ficus diamantiphylla from  Sg Seranau, Rumah Janin, Lubok Baya, Kapit District Sarawak. Collected by Elliot Gardener  on 13 February 2020. Collection # 2020 873