Ficus sundaica is one of only a few Section Conosycea figs which can be found in peat swamp forest.  Other typical peat swamp figs include  F. spathulifoliaF. tristaniifolia and F. crassiramea.  F. sundaica Form A  has smaller leaves and larger figs than F. sundaica Form B.

All photographs by Ripin Forestry in peat swamp forest near Pontianak, West Kalimantan taken in March 2020.06 Ficus sundaica Pontianak

01 Ficus sundaica Pontianak.jpg


07 Ficus sundaica Pontianak.jpg09 Ficus sundaica Pontianak.jpg

Ficus sundaica Form A.jpg02 Ficus sundaica Pontianak.jpg

03 Ficus sundaica Pontianak.jpg

08 Ficus sundaica Pontianakcf034541-5f23-4358-b723-ea4d009b3299.jpg

Note the forest path  through the swampy ground  at bottom right

Climbing Ficus 16 sundaica.jpg