Photo above from Takhtajan (1969)  Flowering Plants Origin and Dispersal

The forest on Pulau Peucang, an island  included in the Udjung Kulon National Park in East Java is dominated by tall Ficus nervosa  forest.  One can speculate that eruptions of the numerous volcanoes in the area  have frequently destroyed  and sterilized the vegetation on the surrounding islands  which are then recolonized  firstly by wind borne seeds followed by fruit bat defecated seeds- particularly figs. The plants that establish first have first mover advantage and dominate the vegetation  until next volcanic eruption when the whole cycle of colonization and renewal starts again.

Thornton et al. (1969) The role of animals in the colonization of the Krakatau islands

Note that Ficus pubinervis is a synonym for Ficus nervosa. See also Ficus nervosa: Peucang Island Resort. 

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Map Ujung Kulon National Park (2)

Thornton et al (1996) Ficus list Krakatau - Copy.png

1876 Krakatau Ngantang  East Java by Marianne North display_image.jpg
Believed to be a painting of Krakatau before it exploded in 1883  killing all the vegetation on the surrounding islands.
The orange arrow points to the location of Pulau Peucang in the Sunda Strait just off he coast of the Ujung Kulon peninsula.
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Anak Krakatau and the nearby island of Panjang  were both sterilized by the eruptions of  2018-2019 whilst on the adjacent island of Sertung the vegetation remains undamaged.