Wildlife feeding on Ficus cucurbitina figs photographed by Chun Xing Wong of 1StopBorneo Wildlife at Deramakot Forest Reserve in Sabah  03-10 July 2020.

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Ficus cucurbitina fruiting at Deramakot July 2020 (01)

Ficus cucurbitina: Hosted by Artocarpus elasticus at Deramakot

Ficus cucurbitina and Bornean Striped Palm Civets at Deramakot

Ficus cucurbitina: The spiny fig

Ficus cucurbitina & Golden-Faced Barbet
Golden-faced Barbet Megalaima chrysopis, Borneo’s largest barbet.
cucurb1_Large-green Pigeon
Female Large Green Pigeon Treron capllei, Borneo’s largest green pigeon
cucurb1_Hornbill Helmeted
Male Helmeted Hornbill, Borneo’s largest  and rarest hornbill
cucurb1_Hornbill Bushy.JPG
Female Bushy-Crested Hornbill Anorrhinus galeritus
cucurb1_Hornbill Rhino Juv.jpg
Immature Rhinoceros Hornbill  Buceros rhinoceros
cucurb1_Hornbill Rhino
Adult Rhinoceros Hornbill
Ficus cucurbitina Greater Green Leafbird female.JPG
Female Greater Green Leafbird  Chloropsis sonnerati
Male Greater Green Leafbird  Chloropsis sonnerati
Ficus cucurbitina Prevosts Squirrel.JPG
Prevost’s Squirrel Calliosciurus prevostii
Ficus cucurbitina & Giant Squirrel
Giant Squirrel Ratufa affinis