The resident  troop of Red Langurs  Presbytis rubicunda that live in the forest around Tawau Hills Park HQ often feed on the young leaves and unripe figs of the Ficus lepicarpa trees which grow along the edge of the  surrounding forest.

In Borneo Ficus lepicarpa often grows along streams in both virgin and primary forest. The figs ripen green and are dispersed by small Cynopterus bats. However Red Langurs  are leaf and  seed predators and eat the figs before they are ripe. Red Langurs prefer new leaves to old leaves as is clearly shown in the photos above and below.

All photos by Shavez Cheema of 1StopBorneo Wildlife


This Ficus lepicarpa tree is growing along the edge of the forest at Tawau Hills Park near Park HQ.

The  fig tree is being smothered by a very common Spatholobus vine (Pea family) which drops down the long hanging tendrils you can see in the photo.

The young leaves and unripe seed pods of Spatholobus are also a very popular langur food.