The Bajau Laut (Sama Dilaut) name, Si Lumpat translates as Island of frightened birds.

This is no doubt due to the number of fig trees on the island which attract flocks of nomadic island pigeons which rise in flight as boats approach.

On a short birding visit on 6 September 2020 a 1StopBorneo Wildlife tour found 3 species of figs and 3 fruiting fig trees.

All photos by Shavez Cheema and Chun Xing Wong of 1StopBorneo Wildlife  


This Ficus drupacea was fruiting during the visit and fallen leaves and figs littered the ground beneath. Ficus drupacea is a small island specialist adapted for dispersal by specialist island pigeons. Chun Xing Wong shows the scale.

Ficus microcarpa sapling growing in a tree hollow on Pulau Si Lumpat.


Fallen figs of Ficus parietalis littler the ground beneath this fruiting fig providing food for crabs and rats and sometimes wild pigs which can swim between the islands.

Ficus parietalis

Ficus parietalis

A second Ficus parietalis tree was also fruiting during the visit.