Photo above shows  the  semi-amplexicaul stipule scar of Ficus midotis.

All Bornean figs have a sharply pointed terminal leaf bud known as a “stipule”.  When the stipule shrivels and falls off, it leaves a circular scar on the twig. Botanists use this  stipule scar as a distinguishing feature between different groups of figs. Most figs have a “fully amplexicaul stipule scar” which is a full circular ring. However some figs show an incomplete circular ring as a stipule scar.  This is known as a semi-amplexicaul stipule scar.

Most Bornean fig twigs show a full circular scar. The exception are the figs in Section Sycidium  (26 species) most of which show an incomplete ring

Below we show photos of the fully amplexicaul  (complete ring) stipule scars of two common figs. Ficus microcarpa and Ficus carica.