Pulau Sipadan is a remote, small, 10 ha isolated  island  off the coast of S.E. Sabah in Borneo.

Sipadan is covered in the original dense forest whilst most of the surrounding Semporna islands have been converted into coconut plantations where large fig trees are rare.

In contrast Pulau Sipadan hosts numerous large strangling figs of three species. (1) Ficus glandifera, (2) Ficus callophylla and a single Ficus crassiramea as illustrated in this article.

Nearly all the vegetation on Sipadan originally arrived by sea or bird dispersal so it is quite different from the vegetation of the Bornean mainland.

All photos by  Chun Xing Wong of 1StopBorneo Wildlife  

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Ficus crassiramea can be recognized from the large pink stipules  when growing new leaves.