Visitors to this fruiting Ficus barba-jovis at Tabin in late November 2020 included 3 Orangutans, a Binturong and a Prevost’s Squirrel as well as both Helmeted and Rhinoceros Hornbills.

Note that F. barba-jovis is very similar to the closely related Ficus punctata and is distinguished  chiefly by having longer ragged hairs on the surface of the large figs.

This spectacular liana fig is hosted by a locally common Binuang tree Octomeles sumatrana which is growing along the core road at Tabin about 1.5 km in from main road,  on the left hand side. See also Ficus punctata: A binturong guarding her breakfast

All photos by Dr Zainal Zaharu Zainuddin the  BORA site manager of the Sabah Ficus Germplasm Project.