Ficus drupacea growing in the center of Kampung Titingan a coastal  shanty town next to Tawau town in Sabah.

The Ficus drupacea at Kg Titingan is probably the finest and largest  Ficus drupacea in Borneo and much appreciated by the local inhabitants  of all ages  as shown in the photos below.  When this fig tree started its life, the land where Kg Titingan now stands was beach forest. The fig tree has been protected from felling by local  beliefs that giant fig trees host spirits called “Datuks” or grandfathers  which can become malevolent if disturbed.

Thanks to  Dr Zainal Zahari Zainuddin and Google Maps for this information and images

One unusual characteristic of the Ficus drupacea at Kg Titingan is that different branches often produce figs that ripen at different times. See photos above and below taken on the same date. Normally with strangling figs the whole crop is synchronized to fruit simultaneously.

The seafront  of Tawau town. The main town to the left and Kampung Titingan to the right. The giant Ficus drupacea fig is located near the Police Station on Jalan Tawau Lama in Kampung Titingan (blue arrow).

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