SCALY FIG : Ficus lepicarpa

The Scaly Fig is a common small tree found along roadsides and streams throughout Borneo and up to 1,500 m altitude on Kinabalu.

At Tawau Hills this fig is common along the forest edge around the edge of the padang.

The young leaves are often eaten by the family of Red Langurs that live in the forest surrounding Tawau Hills Park HQ.

The figs ripen green and provide food for fruit bats and musang  such as the Island Palm Civet Paradoxurus  philippinensis and Bornean Striped Palm Civets Arctogalidia stigmatica.  The figs ripen one by one (not in a big bang)  so civets and bats visit every night to check for ripe figs.

This male fig has been attacked by a common Plantain Squirrel Callosciurus notatus  so that the squirrel can eat the fig wasps  that breed inside the male figs. Note the  scaly skin of the fig. The scientific name means scaly  in Greek and refers to the appearance of the skin disease leprosy.

Young fig fruits  can be distinguished from other common figs by the line around the middle of the fig like an equator line.