This leaves of this fig growing on an old building in the center of Pangkalan Bun a small town in Central Kalimtanan is most similar  to Ficus diandra  a very rare root climbing fig so far only known from the SW Sarawak near Kuching.

All photos by Labay Dapi were taken near the  Yellow Palace (Istana Kuning) in the central area of Pangkalan Bun. Pangkalan Bun is known as the gateway to  Tanjung Puting National Park a popular tourist destination, famous for hosting a large wild population of orangutans.

From the tessalated leaves  (small square “tiles” on the reverse of the leaf) this fig clearly belongs to Section Kalosyce however as  it was not fruiting the designation as Ficus diandra remains unconfirmed.

An historical photo of the Istana Kuning (Yellow Palace) in the center of Pangkalan Bun and a popular stop for tourists