The team from the  Sabah Ficus Germplasm Centre at BORA holding fruiting branches of Ficus stupenda collected from the forest next to the Tomanggong Road at Tabin in Sabah. These figs are still immature from the the amount of latex showing. When these figs ripen they turn red and the latex dries up. Leaves of Ficus stupenda are very similar to those of Ficus xylophylla. However the two species are easily distinguished because  the fig fruits of Ficus stupenda always have very large bracts whilst the  fig fruits of Ficus xylophylla have no bracts or tiny bracts.

All photos  by Dr Zainal Zahari Zainuddin.




The mud volcano at Tabin near to BORA is surrounded by 74 ha of virgin jungle reserve which is very rich in figs