These photos show what are believed to be the world’s largest figs. These male figs fell from a Ficus punctata liana at Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

These are ripe male figs. Unripe figs are bright orange. See Ficus punctata: What eats male figs

According to Berg (2005) the worlds largest recorded figs are a Ficus punctata and a Ficus densechini fig. Both have been recorded to reach a maximum diameter of 15 cm for a round fig. The figs shown below are less in diameter (max 13.75 cm  but are up to 18 cm long. This means that they are the largest figs recorded to date.

Photos and information provided by Shavez Cheema and Chun Xing WONG of 1Stop Borneo Wildlife.