Bornean Striped Palm Civet Arctogalidia stigmatica feeding on ripe Ficus glandulifera figs at Andrassy Forest Reserve, Tawau in East Sabah.

Striped Palm Civets are fig eating specialists and have been recorded feeding on both ripe and unripe figs as well as other sugar rich fruit. Nakabayashi, Miyabi Civet PHd D論中林雅    Feeding Ecology of Three Frugivorous Civets in Borneo. Striped Palm Civets  do not swallow the fruit they eat. This civet swallows only the juice and soft pulp. Like all fruit bats, the roughage is separated out in the mouth and spat out in a wad.

Note the pale interior of the ears which face forward. At night (without a flash) these pale spots look like eyes to a potential predator and make the head appear to be double the actual size.

Photos taken by Chun Xing WONG  and Shavez Cheema of of 1Stop Borneo Wildlife.  on 26 March 2021.