ABOVE: Mass production of Ficus altissima clones  for sale as house plants in Florida USA.

Ficus altissima is a common large strangling fig fig  with a very wide distribution from northern India east to the Philippines and Sulawesi and south to Sumatra and Java.

Ficus altissima is one of the most common strangling figs in Java and SW China but has never been recorded from Borneo and is rare in the Malay Peninsula.   See the distribution map at the bottom of this article. This disjunct distribution indicates that Ficus altissima was more widely distributed in the past and has become locally extinct in Borneo, Singapore and the Malay Peninsula. It is not clear why this happened but is probably the result of climate change.

Important Note: It is quite possible that there is a relict population of Ficus altissima  somewhere in Borneo, which has been overlooked, most probably in south Kalimantan.

Photo above shows  a Ficus altissima cultivar Golden Gem in a plant nursery in Florida, USA . See https://www.heartplants.com/ficus