Ficus forstenii growing in the elephant migration corridor at Sabah Softwoods, Brumas, near Tawau.

The Sabah Softwoods estate consists of  approx. 30,000 ha of oil palm, 20,000 ha of Albizia falcata  grown for timber pulp and approx. 7,000 ha of conservation forest including the elephant corridor.  Studies by WWF researchers  indicate that the Albizzia plantation hosts the highest density of wild elephants in the whole of Borneo. Elephants are naturally adapted to feed on pioneer plants and grasses  of river valleys and cannot survive in primary dipterocarp forest. The 30 year Albizzia  harvesting cycle at Sabah Softwoods provides large areas of pioneer plants in different stages of growth for the elephant’s food.

Photos by Ida Watie who works with Ram Nathan the head of the Environment & Conservation Department at Sabah Softwoods.