Sungai Wain  comprises 10,000 ha of watershed protection forest on the outskirts of Balikpapan City in East Kalimantan. Sg Wain contains an area of freshwater  swamp forest surrounding a large reservoir near park HQ. However the majority of the forest area is seasonally dry lowland dipterocarp forest rich in palms.

Sg Wain hosts  a large population of primates including Orangutans, Muller’s Gibbons, both Red and Gray Langurs and Proboscis Monkeys.

The photo above shows the reservoir near  Park HQ which hosts many large crocodiles.

The video below by Pak Agusdin the Park Warden of Sg Wain shows a large female Muller’s Gibbon feeding on Ficus pallescens figs near Park HQ.

As well as the gibbon calls you can hear the slow whistle of a Garnet Pitta Pitta granatina calling in the background. In addition you can also hear a cock crowing from the small village next to Park HQ.