In late July 2021 this Ficus spathuliifolia was fruiting at Bukit Patoi, Temburong, Brunei attracting bulbuls, flowerpeckers and leafbirds.

Bird photos by Omar Murad with thanks to Joremy Tony.

This photo shows a White-eyed Brown Bulbul Pycnonotus pseudosimplex  recently split from Pycnonotus simplex ( Cream-vented bulbul) to become the latest new bird species to be added to the Bornean bird list.  See Shakya et al (2019) White-eyed Brown Bulbul BBOC 

Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker Prionochilus maculatus

Male Greater Green Leafbird Chloropsis sonnerati

View from the summit of Bukit Patoi (290 m) looking west towards the hills in Limbang district, Sarawak, Malaysia .