This fig was discovered by a Sabah Forest Department team at  Sg Tikolod  FR near Tambunan in Sabah.

I have provisionally listed it as Ficus binnendijki from the leaf morphology. The basal veins are very strong and morph into a intramarginal vein along the edge of the leaf. The leaves are strongly revolute  (turned under) for around half the length of the leaf.

The figs are unusual in that there are no visible basal bracts at all.

According to Berg (2005) the basal bracts of Ficus binnendijki are only 1-2 mm long.

In this case they maybe so tiny that they are hidden under the base of the fig

The plant was a strangler on a host tree  with height of 35 m. The width of the strangler was 15 cm DBH (Diameter at breast height)

.All information and photos thanks to Pg Mohd Sahlan