In early March 2022 this  large root climbing liana Ficus sagittata produced a massive crop of figs in the crown of a giant dipterocarp tree Shorea johorensis located in the Tawau Hills Botanic Garden.

The abundant fruit attracted the local resident gibbon family as well as numerous birds as shown in the photographs below.

Photos and information provided by Shavez Cheema and Chun Xing WONG of 1Stop Borneo Wildlife.

Male Red-throated Barbet Megalaima mystacophanos. Note that the colorful markings on the head  of this male make the perfect camouflage for this individual.
Males call tok tok tok tok from the centre of fruiting fig trees to attract females. Following the calls of barbets is the best way to find a fruiting fig in dense forest.

Red-eyed Brown Bulbul Pycnonotus brunneus are often seen feeding on figs

A pair of Fairy Bluebirds Irena puella also came to feed on the ripe figs. This is the male.

All 8 species of Bornean Hornbills are present at Tawau Hills and most of them are regularly seen feeding on figs including this pair of Black Hornbills Anthracoceros malayanus. Male above. female below.