Ficus albomaculata is a rare endemic fig of lowland streams in Brunei and Sarawak.

Photos taken by Elliot Gardner #EG1204 on 12 August 2022.

F. albomaculata is closely related to F. francisci which is sympatric and found in the same locations. Overall Ficus francisci is much more common and found throughout the lowland and hill forests of Borneo. Both species have  flat silver hairs on the upper surface of the young leaves however  this is normal with F. albomaculata but occasional with F. francisci.

Other differences between the two species;

  1. The base of the leaf in F. francisci is more or less cordate (heart shaped)  whilst the base of the leaf of F. albomaculata is attenuate (wedge shaped).
  2. The drip tip at the end of the leaf is thinner and longer in F. albomaculata compared with F. francisci.
  3. The figs of  F. albomaculata are smaller and greener than the figs of F. francisci.
  4. The petiole (leaf stalk)  and twigs of F. francisci are often covered with very sharp hairs whereas the petiole and twigs of F. albomaculata are smooth with silky hairs.