Photo above shows the entrance to Tawau Hills Park, Sabah: Yulinda Wahyuni of 1Stop Borneo is handing over a large packet of rare fig tree seeds to Hassan Sani of the Sabah Ficus Germplasm Centre (SFGC). These seeds will be used to produce fig saplings  to create wildlife corridors in Sabah.

1Stop Borneo Wildlife. has a project next to the entrance of Tawau Hills Park in co-operation with Sime Darby to use old oil palm land to develop a wild fig garden- the Plant4Tawau Fig Garden.  The intention is that the Tawau Fig Garden  will act both as a botanic garden for the conservation of rare species of figs and will attract wildlife to feed on the figs and also tourists to view the wildlife.

SFGC operates a large fig nursery at Tabin in Sabah producing thousands of fig saplings every month for planting in conservation areas  to enhance wildlife corridors along rivers and the edge of oil palm plantations These corridors are used by elephants and orangutans  both for food and to travel between protected areas of forest. SFGC is supported by WWF Sabah with funds from Unilever an international food business.