In Kochummen’s (2000) entry for Ficus obpyramidata in The Flora of Sabah and Sarawak  (as shown above)  Kochummen listed  4 known collections of Ficus obpyramidata from Sabah and Sarawak.

However, 5 years later  (as shown below ) in Berg & Corner’s (2005) treatment of Ficus in Flora Malesiana Berg descibes a distribution limited to the Asian mainland including the Malay Peninsula.

Which of these statements is correct ?

Did Berg make a mistake ?

Does Ficus obpyramidata grow wild in Borneo or not ?

The world’s largest collection of Bornean Ficus herbarium materials resides at Leiden. The data has largely been digitized and can be access online via the Naturalis portal. As of 01 January 2023 Naturalis holds 24 collections of F. obpyramidata of which 4 are from Thailand, 3 are from Sarawak and the rest are from the Malay Peninsula especially the Taman Negara area.

Of the 3 collections from Sarawak, the one from Lundu is obviously a mistake so there are two genuine collections from Sarawak , one from Kg Sadir near Kuching and the other from Bintulu. Both collections are shown below. My conclusion therefore is that Ficus obpyramidata does occur wild in Borneo albeit in very small numbers.