Ficus subcordata THP#4  has now been recorded fruiting three times  since a Ficus phenology study was initiated  at Tawau Hills Park  by NGO 1Stop Borneo in 2021.

The first occasion was at the end of August 2021,  the second occasion in early September 2022 and more recently  fruiting started mid- September 2023.

F. subcordata  THP#4 is located  just below a ridgetop  near the site of a giant dipterocarp once considered to be the tallest rainforest tree in the world -but now overtaken by a taller dipterocarp located at Danum Valley in Sabah.

F. subcordata  THP#4 is about 20 minutes walk from Tawau Hills Park HQ buildings, along the tallest tree trail.

All photos and information thanks to Yulinda Wahyuni, Shavez Cheema and Chun Xing WONG of 1 Stop Borneo Wildlife